*To get to the 'Organiser' use the 'Organiser' option in the left-hand side menu (shown in image below)*

Click Organiser from the menu on the left side of the screen. This screen will appear.

Click on the + icon to create a new event/fixture. This screen will appear.

In the top left corner of the screen, there will be two options for event or fixture. The selection option will be highlighted in navy blue. Above that is the Name field, give your event/fixture a name.

Further to the right are the fields to enter the start and end times and the date you wish to schedule your event/fixture to. Enter those details.

To the right of this, there is a dropdown menu to select which calendar you wish to create the event/fixture in. Click this button and select the appropriate calendar.

If it is a fixture, there will appear an additional field for Result. You can select if the fixture is at Home or Away from a dropdown menu and, once the match is completed, the result can be input here.

You can add notes into the left column underneath, while on the right, you can import documents which relate to the event/fixture. 

To do so, click Import and you will be taken to your library. Select the documents you want to attach by clicking on the + icon on the right and when you have selected everything, click the tick at the top left of the window.

You will be taken back to the event/fixture screen and you can scroll between the documents with the < > icons, click the circle with the arrow coming from it to export the files to PDF or play the document full screen by clicking the play icon.

To save your event/fixture, click the disk icon at the top right hand side.

To delete your event/fixture, click on the bin icon. A popup will appear to ask you to confirm. Click delete to progress with the deletion, or the X to cancel and go back to the event page.