If you have been asked to 'save and send your documents' then please follow this guide.


1. Head over to your 'Finder' application.

2. Click into the search bar in the top right and then press and hold the 'command button (cmd), shift button and the G key'

3. The following bar should appear:


Copy and enter this text where it says 'Enter a path': ~/Library/Application Support/

Your path entry should now look like this:


Once this is entered click the 'Go' button or hit the Enter key.

4. Next, find the 'Globall Coach' folder and right-click on it.

5. You should see a menu appear next to the "Globall Coach' folder that looks like this:


Click the 'Compress "Globall Coach" option. A 'Globall Coach.zip' file should appear below the original 'Globall Coach' file.

To send us your compressed document/s we recommend using: https://wetransfer.com/ as this is free and requires no sign-up. 

Once WeTransfer has opened you will see a box that looks like this:


When sending us your documents please send it to: support@globallcoach.com